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Washington Memorial Park

Washington Memorial Park in Buffalo, Wyoming, is a great place for a picnic and some exercise. Also known as Buffalo City Park, this lovely spot is only a short drive from Interstate 25. It's also near downtown and within walking distance of Buffalo's many interesting sights.

The Clear Creek Trail System runs right through the park. The extensive trail system is divided into sections, and this part is known as the Washington Park Trail. It loops around through the park, following and crossing Clear Creek. The entire Washington Park Trail loop is only about a mile long walk.

On the western edge of the park (across Klondike Road) the trail system continues to the west via the Greenbelt Trail section.

Washington Memorial Park is large and contains a big swimming pool, tennis courts, multiple playgrounds, and picnic areas. There are several covered picnic tables, making this a good place to stop and eat when the weather is questionable.

A train locomotive sits on display in the far corner of the park. Beyond that is a small ice skating rink, as well as public restrooms.

There was plenty of room for the dogs to sniff around and explore. We came across at least 3 playgrounds with well-maintained and new looking equipment. The girls watched in complete awe as I demonstrated what the giant spiraling slide was for. Upon reaching the bottom I was congratulated as if I'd just returned from outer space.

The girls liked walking along the creek and looking out over the water, watching it rush by. Unfortunately it was too chilly during our visit (in May) for anyone to enjoy playing in the creek. On a warmer day they would've been searching for a suitable place to get in the water, but instead they were happy just gazing out over it from dry land.

In addition to the covered picnic areas, there were also tables with grills along the creek on the western side of the park. Nearby, a large metal bridge spanned the rushing creek, making a wide and sturdy place to cross.

The girls seemed to really enjoy this lovely park. There was a lot to sniff and inspect, and plenty of birds and squirrels to bark at. They liked watching the creek and exploring all that the park had to offer. This delightful place was peaceful and quiet, despite being near the heart of historic (and bustling) Buffalo, Wyoming.

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