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Who We Are  

  My name is Ashley, and I take my dogs everywhere! I believe in showing them the world; every park, hike, or attraction possible.

  The amazing companions by my side are Ursa and Maggie, and they love adventure! They're always super-excited for whatever is next to come.

  Both of my girls are rescues from the local Humane Society, something I'm very proud of. I believe dogs should be adopted, not purchased; rescued, not bred.


  There's something about knowing that your best friends won't be around forever that makes you want to do everything you can for them -give them the best life you could imagine. I imagine seeing the world, and I think they want to as well. The excitement and enthusiasm they have for going places and seeing new things makes me realize that this is something I can do for them -I can show them the world (or as much as I possibly can anyways).

  Their joy brings me joy, and as long as they're happy we'll keep on having adventures.


  We hope that you are inspired to take your dog out for some fun too (or maybe even adopt a new friend and start your own adventurous life together).

  Happy exploring!


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