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Ranchester City Park

Early morning in northern Wyoming, and we were driving along Interstate 90 when the dogs needed a break. Luckily for us, Ranchester City Park was located just off Exit 9. We pulled into the parking lot behind the tiny town's public library to find that we had this charming little place all to ourselves.

A large stationary train car sat in the park, marooned for all eternity. Ursa seemed drawn to it, and proceed to inspect the attraction with cautious curiosity.

The train theme continued over at the playground where a smaller, child-sized train invited investigation. Behind it sat slides and swings, inexplicably empty on a sunny weekend morning.

Basketball and tennis courts sat vacant on one side of the park. Beyond that were the train tracks that ran through this little town. Cars brimming with coal would come roaring past at all hours of the day and night, disturbing the tranquility of this charming place.

Past the park's amenities lay an open sprawling field. The girls had ample room to sniff around and do their business. We meandered the grounds, following invisible scents in the grass.

After accomplishing their potty goals, the dogs resumed their tour of the park. Ursa took a moment to lay in the cool grass. We enjoyed our time in the little city, knowing we'd be back in the car and on the road again soon enough.

Eventually we began the walk back to our vehicle. We passed by a picnic shelter and stopped to sniff the train car once more on the way out. Surprisingly, no one else stopped to join us at this lovely little park on the side of the interstate.

This had been a great place to stop. We were able to stretch our legs and enjoy the fresh morning air in this small town at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains. From here, our adventure could take us just about anywhere.

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