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Turtle Town -Keystone

Turtle Town is a delightful dessert shop in Keystone, South Dakota. Specializing in chocolate treats, they offer homemade fudge, truffles, clusters, and (of course) their namesake turtles. They also offer coffees, ice cream, and various baked goods.

Turtle Town has two Black Hills locations. We stopped by their shop in Keystone, which offers an outdoor seating area.

They offered a wide selection of candies, all of which looked good. This led to a difficult decision -there were so many tasty choices! I ended up purchasing a latte, a freshly baked berry scone, and a giant dark chocolate-almond cluster. I also got a bag of hand-dipped dog biscuits. They were covered in dog-friendly white chocolate and accented with sprinkles. The girls were quite eager to enjoy our afternoon snacks.

We sat at a small table just outside the shop. Inside the store was bustling with a steady stream of customers coming and going at all times.

Turtle Town sits on Winter Street, which runs through the busiest part of town. Restaurants, shops, and various tourist attractions line the main avenue through Keystone. We sat in the shade. Even though it was autumn the town was lively and the dogs enjoyed observing the activity on the sidewalks.

Everything was delicious. The girls and I really liked our treats, and they even got a bite of my scone. This was a great place to sit and take in the unique charm of this small, lovely mountain town.

After exploring the local sights Turtle Town is a great place to stop for a snack or sweet treat. There was so much to choose from, they definitely have something for everyone. Artisan chocolates and handmade goodies abound at this small shop tucked away in one of the tiniest towns in the Black Hills.

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