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The Gaslight Restaurant

The Gaslight is a fantastic pet friendly restaurant in Rockerville, South Dakota. Centrally located off Highway 16, this eatery is only several convenient miles from Rapid City, Keystone, Hill City, and a multitude of trails and recreation areas found nearby.

The Gaslight has a rustic feeling while still being modern and very clean. Its lovely surroundings make you feel secluded within the small Rockerville valley. Their outdoor seating is located on a long covered porch; perfect for providing shade on a warm day or protection from the rain on gloomy days.

The food was tasty, and not too expensive for the good quality you get. Our server was amazing and kept checking on us to make sure we all (dogs included) didn't need anything -she even brought out some extra water when their bowls were low!

This is a great pet friendly restaurant and bar. You can sit on the porch with your dogs enjoying anything from a beer or cocktail to appetizers to a full lunch and dinner menu. Our girls loved sitting in the shade, watching all the people (and their dogs) coming and going. Their noses were on full alert- enjoying all the delicious smells in the air, as well as getting to sample a few things here and there.

Because Rockerville is another in a string of seemingly endless former gold rush towns, there are several antiques and interesting artifacts scattered around the area. They make for a great excuse to walk around and peruse a bit before getting back on the road, heading towards the next adventure.

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