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Sonic Drive-In -Rapid City

Conveniently located on Jackson Boulevard, this eatery is only a short distance from some of the most popular parks and hiking areas in western South Dakota. This is a great place to stop after hitting the trails in town, as it is very near to Hansen-Larson Memorial Park, Dinosaur Park, and the Skyline Wilderness Area.

There are several tables out front, and a decent amount of space for dogs. The service is friendly and usually pretty fast too.

The girls are always excited to go there. They love getting to split a plain hot dog or even share a bit of ice cream on special occasions.

Once in a while we'll stop here after a good day of exercising in the parks, when everyone has earned a little treat. The girls know if they use their saddest begging-eyes while there, they're bound to receive something wonderfully delicious.

Centrally located in the heart of Rapid City's hiking and biking areas, Sonic is a nice place for a well deserved break.

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