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Quarry Park

Each dog is different. Mine, for example, would rather have a small park all to themselves than share a larger park with other dogs. Even though there's a more popular dog park right down the street, my girls were all smiles at Rapid City's lesser-known Quarry Park.

Tucked away in a residential neighborhood in northwest Rapid City, this former quarry is now a park. Located off City Springs Road, this open space offers a lot of room to sniff around.

The backside of the park has a rocky cliff wall that rises sharply. The girls could explore the base of it, but farther up it was overgrown with shrubs and tall grasses. A barbed wire fence ran along the hillside, about midway up. Bunnies darted among the rocks, making the park even more exciting for the dogs. The park was a quiet place to be, even on a weekend afternoon.

Quarry Park had two tennis courts, a few picnic tables, and lots of open space. There wasn't much in the way of parking (or facilities), but the dogs didn't care. They were having fun exploring around the rocks and shrubs. They enjoyed a treat and water break in the shaded area by the tennis courts. They ended up sniffing every inch of the park by the time we left.

The park was small, quiet, and pretty. Other dogs came and went but the park was still big enough to give everyone their own space. The girls enjoyed it very much. It's a nice spot for a peaceful afternoon in the park. What it lacks in amenities it makes up for in tranquility and solitude.

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