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Northside Park

My dogs love a good road trip. However, after hours spent in the car, sometimes the average rest-stop "pet exercise area" just doesn't cut it. That's when we start looking for parks to stop at along the way.

The tiny town of Lusk sits isolated in far eastern Wyoming, miles away from any other city. Positioned at an intersection of two major highways, Lusk sees an endless stream of travelers pass through. Most view this small town as a necessary pit stop for gas before venturing farther out across the Wyoming countryside. It can also be a nice place to walk the dogs and stretch the legs before getting back on the road.

Northside Park provides a welcome place to take a break. It is conveniently located off Highway 18 on the north end of town, making it easy to find.

Just after we entered Lusk from the north, we took a left onto Elm Street. The park can be found at the end of this short road.

The city's large public pool is the park's main attraction. It's also home to softball fields, a skatepark, playground, picnic tables, and seasonal public restrooms. In addition, it has a pleasant walking path that winds around the area.

When we parked the car, the dogs were more than ready to hop out. They were eager to walk, sniff, and potty in this new and exciting place.

We began our walk along the path to the right of the parking lot, near the public pool. A large playground sat directly in front of us.

We explored the walking path, continuing past the playground and a few picnic tables. We crossed a bright red footbridge over a small creek that ran though the park. After that the path split, and would ultimately create a loop around the area. We stuck to the right side of the path.

The lovely walking trail led through sun and shade. There were plenty of trees to sniff and investigate for squirrels along the way. The girls were all smiles as they savored the foreign smells of rural Wyoming.

The path looped around near a residential neighborhood before heading back towards the park. It wasn't too long and ended up being the perfect amount of exercise for a brief roadside stop. The dogs took it all in as we walked, thoroughly enjoying the stroll. This was far superior to a short walk around a busy rest area!

On the morning of our visit the park was quiet and clean. The walkway itself was easy to follow and suitable for all abilities and ages.

This small park and its charming path were a great place for a break before continuing on down the road. After spending time in the car, Northside Park in Lusk was a perfect pit stop for these traveling pooches.

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