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Kiwanis-Mary Hall Park

This quiet little park is nestled behind Sioux San Hospital in Rapid City, South Dakota. Located at the end of W. South Street, Kiwanis-Mary Hall Park offers walking paths as well as plenty of room to sniff around.

A paved walkway winds through the length of the park, and eventually meets up with Rapid City's extensive bike path.

Kiwanis-Mary Hall Park encompasses the Lime Creek Environmental Study Site, a natural area dedicated to letting student scientists learn from the surroundings. A gravel nature path follows Lime Creek, which flows through the park.

The path provides plenty of cause to stop and smell everything along the way, including native wildflowers that line most of the walk through the natural area.

In the center of the park is a large covered picnic shelter, complete with public restrooms and a nearby playground. Great for taking water breaks or just sitting and enjoying the scenery.

We love this little park. It is not well known, and is not in a high traffic area. It is usually fairly unoccupied and is a peaceful little spot right in the heart of a quaint neighborhood. Somehow you feel as if you've escaped, while never leaving the city.

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