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Historic Deadwood Walking Tour & Whitewood Creek Trail

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Deadwood is a fascinating South Dakota town with a rich history. Exploring it on foot is a great way to see all the hidden details this mysterious city has to offer.

We parked at the Deadwood History & Information Center. Although dogs were not allowed inside the building, the gentleman in charge was very helpful. He directed us to some of Deadwood's dog-friendly points of interest.

We headed down the sidewalk along Sherman Street. Soon we came upon a large bust of prominent Deadwood figure Wild Bill Hickok. Maggie wasn't so much interested in the statue, but she did make a point of rolling and playing in every undisturbed snowdrift along the way.

The Sherman Street sidewalk lead directly to the start of the Whitewood Creek Trail. This recently renovated paved pathway follows Whitewood Creek to the northwest edge of town. This easy "trail" was well maintained, handicapped accessible, and wide enough for two dogs to walk comfortably. The gorgeous stroll along the creek was absolutely charming. Along the way were several benches, picnic tables, and fishing spots to be enjoyed on warmer days.

The very lovely Whitewood Creek Trail ended near the Deadwood Rodeo Grounds. From there we crossed the street at the nearest crosswalk and followed the sidewalk down historic Main Street. We essentially ended up creating a loop around the most popular part of Deadwood, checking out points of interest along the way.

The Historic Walking Tour of Deadwood leads past many fascinating sites. Maggie was especially taken with the statues in the church courtyard, along with many other things. The second statue of Wild Bill, the Jack McCall site, the cannon from the Spanish-American War, gorgeous historical buildings, and even the site of famous hangings made up some of the truly amazing things that this city had on display. This wonderful walk around Deadwood gave us a crash course in its colorful history.

The girls had a good time, getting lots of exercise while exploring a new town. They loved the Whitewood Creek Trail, and probably wished it was longer.

We highly recommend this fantastic walk around Deadwood, checking out the sites of historical significance.

Learn the history of one of the most famous and fascinating cities of the Wild West -all while taking a walk with your dogs.

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