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Heddy Draw Overlook

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

On South Highway 87 in Custer State Park sits a popular lookout post. Heddy Draw Overlook in South Dakota provides fantastic views of the surrounding hills, but is mostly known for being a favorite location for elk watching. Unfortunately they are quite elusive and we didn't see them on our trip through. We did, however, have a great little hike around the area.

A small parking lot and paved path led back to a covered log structure. From this lookout shelter we could enjoy views of the draw below and the hills in the distance. On a lucky day it's possible to spot the park's transient herd of elk passing through the area.

We followed the paved path back until it turned to gravel, and eventually to dirt and pine needles. A short walk into the woods revealed hidden benches, tables, and additional views of the magnificent hills in the distance.

A rock-lined path led further back into the forest. We took it to the end of the hilltop for even more stunning views. With all the different lookout points in this area we ended up catching vistas of the Black Hills to the south, north, and east.

This was an easy walk through towering pines and granite boulders, leading to beautiful overlooks of the local scenery. Sitting atop the rocks (or benches) and taking in the lovely views with the dogs was a must.

The girls loved the walk through the woods. They even seemed to appreciate the scenery and enjoyed looking out over the sprawling landscape. This was a great place for dogs and humans to enjoy a leisurely meander through the forest and admire the beauty of Custer State Park.

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