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Edora Park

Found in eastern Fort Collins, Edora Park sits in a quiet neighborhood but is easily accessible from the Interstate. This pleasant Colorado city park is only a few miles away from the hectic activity of I-25, but provides a laid-back atmosphere. It feels much farther away from the chaos of speeding vehicles than it really is, but we still had to take a little detour to find it.

There were several parking areas available, but we started on Edora Park's western side. We parked in the small lot off Welch Street near the playground. The Fort Collins Spring Creek Trail also ran through here, but the dogs weren't interested in following a path today -they were in the mood to sniff and explore. This foreign park was a wonderland of intrigue and new smells.

The playground was fairly large with equipment for all ages to enjoy. Early in the morning, the slides were silent and empty. The dogs were only briefly interested in exploring the playground. They were much more excited by the sounds of squirrels darting through the trees, and were intent on inspecting the extensive grounds of the park.

We passed by covered picnic tables as the dogs searched for squirrels. We continued our stroll through the grass as the girls appreciated the scents of Fort Collins, which were apparently thrilling to their curious noses.

The park was lovely with plenty of grass and trees to enjoy as we wandered about. A disc golf course was spread around the grounds. We spotted a skatepark and tennis courts as the girls kept up the squirrel hunt. They delighted in watching the furry rodents running amok, and were thoroughly enjoying this place.

As we made our way around we came upon Spring Creek which flows through the northern part of the park. There was so much to sniff here that the girls' noses were going crazy. We sat in the shade and enjoyed a treat break as birds sang from the trees and the creek gently babbled in the background.

We neared baseball fields and public restrooms as we gradually explored the park. The girls eventually decided to try the walking path as we made our way back towards the car. They had meandered around Edora Park for about an hour before making their way around the entire thing. Their eyes darted here and there looking for squirrels one last time as our little adventure came to a close.

The girls had a great time sniffing the grounds and watching for squirrels. As the morning went by the park became more crowded, and was full of people and dogs by the time we left. Although it was busy with activity it didn't seem cramped; the fairly large park had plenty of room to walk around and explore. This park had provided the space for exercise and an abundance of enrichment. The dogs really seemed to like it here, and still had big excited smiles as we pulled away.

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