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Dakota Point Picnic Area

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Dakota Point is one of our favorite picnic areas. Located off Sheridan Lake Road in the Black Hills of South Dakota, this hidden spot has a lot to offer. Situated just above (and overlooking) Sheridan Lake, Dakota Point provides great scenery and recreation.

This awesome little spot has about a dozen or so tables and grills, and plenty of shade. A footpath follows along the southwest shore of the lake, leading to several secluded fishing and swimming spots. After taking a look at the water below, Maggie could hardly wait to get in.

After a brief walk along the path, the dogs decided to try out the water before hiking any further.

After playing in the lake a bit, we continued along the footpath. It follows up and along the cliffs overlooking the water. The views are beautiful, but at times the terrain is difficult to traverse. After a while, a tangled mess of brush and fallen trees made it hard for two medium sized dogs to keep going. Eventually we had to turn around and head back towards the picnic area.

Of course, before we could sit down for lunch the girls had to get in the lake again to cool off.

After exploring the western shore and playing in the water, we made use of the spacious picnic area. There are a good deal of large trees perfect for attaching tie-out cables to keep your dogs safely by your table.

If you explore the trail that heads north, it leads down to the lake shore and a small fishing pier in the tiny cove below. A footpath continues along the banks, leading to more fishing spots tucked away in hidden places. After a short walk along the cliffs, the Sheridan Lake North Marina becomes visible. Looking for another spot to climb down and play in the water quickly becomes top priority.

A day of exploring the forest and playing in the water, who could ask for more?

This is a great place to get away. It's not on the main highway so it is usually less crowded than some of the other recreation areas nearby. It's secluded and quiet except for the sound of boats going by. You get fantastic views of the lake below and a short walk takes you right down to the shore. You'll find plenty of nooks to fish and swim in, and before leaving you'll end up dubbing one of them "your spot". There's so much to do and explore, it is simply too easy to spend the entire day here.

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