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Cream is a small-town ice cream parlor with an updated twist. Delicious artisan ice creams and coffee drinks are offered at this hidden treasure. We stumbled across this little gem while taking a walk along bustling Main Street in Hill City, South Dakota. We weren't looking for a place like this, but couldn't resist the sign advertising homemade ice cream; the dogs and I would hate to pass up an opportunity like that.

We were immediately drawn in by Cream's charming atmosphere and dog-friendly outdoor seating area.

All of Cream's ice cream flavors are homemade and unique. I was able to order a dog-friendly flavor (blueberry cheesecake) to share with the girls. The helpful employees were kind enough to give us two small dog-sized cups to go with our order.

The indoor area of the shop was small, but very clean, and it smelled amazing.

The outdoor section had much more room. Several tables were spread out in a gravel courtyard. We enjoyed our treats in the sunshine and all came to the same conclusion; it was fantastic. Ursa insisted I hold her cup for her while she licked away, eyes glazed over in a blueberry-induced trance. Upon seeing this, Maggie decided she also preferred it if someone held the cup for her.

The girls licked their little cups clean before pleading with their eyes for seconds. They weren't quite sure what this new and magical place was, but they certainly liked it. This was a lovely spot to sit and watch people scurrying by while we took our time enjoying the afternoon.

Behind us was a large sunny mural painted on the fence that made up the back wall of the courtyard. The girls enjoyed taking in all the smells and activity of the area. Lots of people came and went; this seemed to be a popular place. When another dog sat down a few tables over, my girls gave out a warning bark. They just wanted to let him know this was their table and (more importantly) their ice cream. I understood why they were so protective of it -it was really good ice cream.

We liked this ice cream parlor a lot. It had tasty homemade food and a welcoming atmosphere. Cream also offers fresh baked goods and rotating menu items, to keep things interesting and new. We definitely look forward to going back again the next time we pass through this tiny mountain town.

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