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College Park

My dogs like to go everywhere, and rarely decline an opportunity for a car ride. Conveniently located between two busy shopping districts, College Park is a decent place to stop for fresh air, exercise, or a potty break while running errands.

One of the smallest parks in Rapid City, South Dakota, College Parks sits between College Avenue and Anamosa Street with its parking lot along College Avenue (hence the name). There are no walking paths in the park but there is a lot of room to sniff around, and plenty of trees to inspect for squirrels. The girls enjoyed the area's open space and freshly mown grass.

A large modern playground, picnic shelter, and bathroom sat at one end, near the parking lot. The rest of the park was open to wondering around following scent trails at our leisure. There were bushes and flowers to sniff. The dogs had a nice time exploring the grounds before deciding to rest in the shade for a bit.

This was a popular place; people enjoyed picnics at the sheltered tables while children ran around the playground. Other dogs in the park followed scents that struct their interest.

It didn't take long to explore the entire area, but the girls had a good time nonetheless. It was a nice little park, and a practical place to take a break in a busy part of town. This is a good spot for a little enrichment before continuing on with the day's errands.

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