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Cliffside Park

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Located on the far west side of Rapid City, South Dakota, Cliffside Park is actually more of a picnic area than a park. Although it isn't very big, there is still plenty to sniff and explore, and the scenery is beautiful.

Of all the Rapid City parks, this one is the furthest west and can be found directly off Highway 44. It is easy to find but still tucked out of the way, and has its own small parking lot.

Rapid Creek flows through the entire park, following the bottom of the cliffsides which give the park its name. Deer frequent this area as well as other wildlife who use this creek as their source of water. As is the case any time you're near the woods, be vigilant of your surroundings especially around dusk.

The sheer cliff face on the far side of the creek provides a stunning backdrop. Because of the easy access to Rapid Creek it is frequented by fisher-people and their dogs as well. It's a quiet park, and my girls and I love to walk along the creek. This is a great place to sniff trees and look for squirrels; where the western edge of Rapid City meets the forest.

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