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Centennial Park -Buffalo

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The CanAm Highway in northern South Dakota passes right through the tiny town of Buffalo. On the south end of town, directly off Highway 85, is this delightful little stop. Centennial Park is filled with statues, informational signs, and tributes to local celebrities.

This small fenced-in park doesn't offer a lot of room to roam, but it makes up for that by having so many interesting things to stop and look at. It's not a typical park, but more of an outdoor garden/ museum. The dogs weren't interested in the local history, but they were quite taken with the statues of bison and deer.

One of the most interesting exhibits in the park is the tribute to Three Toes the Wolf. Once the most notorious outlaw in the county, he became famous due to his destruction of livestock and the subsequent high reward offered for his capture. The story of this wild creature reminding the ranchers that they were on his land was spectacular. How he ultimately met his end (they say he laid down his head and died the day he was captured) actually brought a tear to my eye.

Another historical figure of interest stands tall in the center of Centennial Park -Tipperary the Horse. Tipperary is one of the most famous rodeo horses of all time, and a member of the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame (one of only 10 saddle broncos ever inducted as of 2017).

This small park provides an interesting stop in an otherwise fairly desolate area. It's beautifully landscaped, has interesting exhibits, and there's even a covered picnic area. This is definitely worth a visit and is a great place for a quick walk when passing through northern South Dakota.

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