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Washington Park -Lusk

We were on the road again, (this time headed out of the tiny town of Lusk, Wyoming) and the dogs needed a place to potty. It was early morning and chilly out; any quick stop would do. Located at the intersection of 4th Street and Linn Street, Washington Park seemed like a good place for a short break.

A recent snowfall had left everything covered in a soft white blanket. Immediately upon exiting the car, Maggie was searching for a place to roll in the untouched patches of snow. She was enthralled by this little winter wonderland.

Off to one side sat a playground complete with slides and swings. A small paved walkway ran through the length of the park. The girls had the place all to themselves on this chilly, sunny morning.

A historic cabin sat at one end of the small park.

The Wilson Cabin, as it's called, was originally built in 1880. It was later carefully dismantled and moved to its present location where it was meticulously reconstructed in 1929. Also known as 'The Cabin in the Park', it now serves as one of the small town's tourist attractions.

Maggie was more interested in playing in the snow than looking at the old cabin. After thrashing around for a bit in the pristine powder she was all smiles. If this was how she wanted to enjoy our pit stop then so be it. Ursa was more content to simply take in the sights and smells of this unfamiliar place.

The park was small but still provided plenty of room to walk around and do whatever potty business needed to be done.

We passed a snow-covered basketball court, sitting vacant and silent. The dogs made their way around to all the trees, searching in vain for squirrels (who were no doubt sleeping in today).

The girls enjoyed this lovely sunny morning in a quiet Wyoming town, even if it was a little bit chilly. Maggie rolled around in the unblemished snow a few more times.

In addition to the potty break, this brief stop had been a good decision. Maggie got to play in the pristine Wyoming snow, and we all got to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.

This early on a winter morning it had been too cold for a walk. However, this little park was a perfect place to stop. The dogs could stretch, potty, sniff around, play in the snow, and then get back in the car before they got too cold.

We all appreciated our short break at Washington Park before hitting the road again.

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