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The Brew Coffee House

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

The Brew, originally built as an Episcopal church, is a beautiful coffee house in Dickinson, North Dakota. Located in the historic downtown area, they serve up delicious coffee drinks in an enchanting atmosphere.

The Brew is one of the nicest coffee places we've ever been to. The architecture and stained glass windows are beautiful. The service is friendly and the coffee is great. They have indoor seating as well as dog-friendly outdoor seating. Their charming courtyard is a great place to sit and enjoy your drink while the dogs enjoy some people watching.

Although it is on a busy street, the patio area is hidden enough to make you feel as though you're taking a break from the city itself. It feels out-of-place, but in the best possible way.

After finishing your coffee, take a walk around this historic part of Dickinson. There are many interesting things to see, including the statue of Teddy Roosevelt. He can be found just a block over from The Brew, in front of the Dickinson Court House.

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