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Rocky Butte Park & Memorial Park

Updated: May 24, 2019

Dickinson, North Dakota, is lucky enough to have two beautiful parks across the street from one another. Separated by a mere cross walk, Rocky Butte Park and Memorial Park offer nice opportunities to take the dogs out for a stroll.

The parking lot located off 9th Street West was a great place to begin. Rocky Butte Park boasts a nice paved walking loop surrounding a gently sloping hill. The wide path provided enough space for my two dogs walking side-by-side to pass by the other dogs with room to spare.

A quiet dirt trail wound up and around the small hill in a spiral towards the top. The crest was covered with interesting rock protrusions creating a stone cap. The rocky top of the hill made for some fun exploring, and the dogs seemed to really enjoy it.

This was a very nice park, and made for a lovely morning walk. It seemed popular with other dogs, who were out enjoying their exercise as well. There were picnic tables and a playground rounding out this delightful place.

After exploring all that Rocky Butte had to offer, we headed across the street for a stroll around Memorial Park.

It's hard not to immediately notice the large Veteran's Memorial in the center of the park entrance. It's quite humbling and makes you grateful for everything these brave people have gone through. The sidewalks in Memorial Park led to various statues and exhibits in honor of and in tribute to our fallen soldiers.

Below the memorial statues the park expands out into a Frisbee golf course. Walkways led down to the tennis courts located at the south end of the park.

This was a good walk for everyone. The girls really enjoyed exploring Rocky Butte Park and the continued stroll through lovely Memorial Park. This was a very nice place to spend some time. It's located in Dickinson but was so quiet and peaceful that it was easy to forget we were actually in town at all.

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