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Prairie Outpost Park

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Prairie Outpost Park is a fun walk back in time. Approximately a dozen historical and recreated buildings, exhibits, and interesting artifacts line the sidewalks in this 12 acre outdoor museum.

Just a short distance from I-94 in Dickinson, North Dakota is the Dickinson Museum Center. We parked there and popped into the Visitor Information building (the girls had to wait in the car) for maps and information on the Dickinson area. The employees were extremely helpful, and directed us to just about every dog-friendly activity the city offers.

We followed the sidewalk outside a short distance up the hill and suddenly we were in a small recreated prairie town, complete with a church, school, train car, and more. It also boasted one of the most impressive Petrified Tree Stump collections in the area.

This was a fun chance to take in some local history while the dogs enjoyed a nice walk through a lovely park. It was well cared for, and there was even a covered picnic area in the center. The girls were having a good time sniffing everything and watching for squirrels while I checked out the different exhibits. Although you cannot actually take pets inside the buildings you can admire them from outside and still learn a lot from all the informational signs in the park.

This was a fun activity even though the dogs were more interested in squirrels than old buildings. Its a nice park with lots to look at, and makes for a great place to stretch your legs. This was a surprising find, and well worth a stop.

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