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NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Hidden on the far west side of Dickinson is one of North Dakota's most charming parks. The NDSU Research Extension Center is exactly what it sounds like; land belonging to North Dakota State University where agriculture students come to research and study vegetation. Dozens of paths wind through various types of plant environments. It's like a forest meets an immaculate flower garden.

The scenery changes as you explore the many wide and well groomed paths. Squirrels and bunnies dart in and out of the bushes. Delightful woodland style passages wind through the areas devoted to tree growth. Evergreens meet fruit trees and eventually lead you towards rows of stunning flowers.

The dogs absolutely loved it here. There was lots to sniff and explore, and plenty of wildlife to keep them very much engaged. This is a beautiful park where wild growing nature areas meet perfectly kept flower beds. We spent over an hour following the extensive paths winding through the fairly large grounds.

We all fell in love with this park, human and dogs alike. It's open to the public from sunrise to sunset, and the pooches were so reluctant to leave that we stayed until dark. That's when the path lights come on, making for a lovely walk back out.

Do yourselves a favor and stop here (while the flowers are in bloom). Dogs must be leashed at all times, and you must be respectful of the gardens. Make sure to give yourselves enough time to explore all this wonderful place has to offer. It's quite the little getaway!

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