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Legion Lake

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Legion Lake is the smallest of Custer State Park's four lakes, but it is no less beautiful than its larger competitors. It's conveniently located near the heart of the park, within South Dakota's gorgeous Black Hills. It has a lot to offer including picnicking, hiking, fishing, swimming, and even non-motorized boating.

The picnic area didn't have many tables, but it did have ample room for the dogs to enjoy their space. After attaching the tie-out cables to two different trees, the girls had plenty of room to play, rest, and then eat lunch.

After eating we walked the Legion Lake Shore Trail. This fairly easy hike was perfect after a picnic. It wasn't too strenuous and we could follow the path at our own pace, exploring the scenery as we went. The trail went around the entire lake, ducking behind the boulders on the far side of it. There were plenty of chances to look out over the water then climb down to a fishing or swimming spot.

Dogs aren't allowed on the designated "beach" area, but they can play in the lake anywhere else along the shore. Maggie was interested in testing the water, but decided it was too cold. The girls still had a great time exploring the area and going on the small hike around the lake.

This is a fairly popular fishing spot. You're likely to find people spread out around the lake or on one of the small fishing piers.

Legion Lake is at a great location within the park too; from here you're only a short distance from the most popular attractions.

This is a fantastic place to stop for lunch, enjoy some water recreation or a short hike, and then explore the rest of expansive and stunning Custer State Park.

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