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Dalbey Memorial Park

This charming park is located on the southern side of Gillette, Wyoming. Even though it feels tucked away, it's actually easy to access from both Interstate 90 and Highway 59. This is a great place to stop and take a stroll with the dogs around the 1.1 mile paved walking path.

Dalbey Memorial Park has several parking areas, and we parked in the small lot closest to Hwy 59 (also known as the South Douglas Highway). The lovely path circles around a small pond known as Gillette Fishing Lake. It's a nice walk through a great little park.

There are a lot of benches and plenty of doggy waste stations along the way. There are covered picnic areas and several playgrounds throughout the park. There are even small fishing piers here and there around the lake.

Whimsical statues popped up along the pathway as we walked. There were turtles, frogs, and other bronze creatures spread out around the park. The girls were curious about the various art installations.

The dogs found much to sniff along the way and plenty of interesting birds to watch too. Here and there a sign would inform us that the Fishing Lake Path is 1.1 miles, or 5,975 feet. More statues greeted us as we continued our walk.

One of our favorite statues was a life-sized bronze dog with a bird on its back, called "Chickadee". Naturally, the girls approached it with caution and sniffed it thoroughly to be sure that it was indeed just a statue.

There were several places to look out over the water, which Ursa has always enjoyed. Both girls seemed to really like this even and easy walk around the cattail lined fishing pond.

This paved path would be great for dogs of all ages and sizes. We saw several other pooches out enjoying their walks as well. We all had a great time on our stroll around the lake; watching the birds and delighting in the various statues. The bronze heron was especially striking.

This lovely place was definitely worth the stop.

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