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Clear Creek Trail System -Greenbelt Trail

Updated: May 26, 2019

The well organized Clear Creek Trail System stretches through the town of Buffalo, Wyoming, and continues west into the Big Horn Mountains. This extensive trail is divided into sections. On the southwest side of Buffalo is a section of path known as the Greenbelt Trail.

The Greenbelt Trail is about 2 miles long in total and runs through a wilderness area in the shape of an "X". There are 4 starting (or ending) points, or trailheads. We started at the Klondike Entrance, which is located on Klondike Road (just across the street from fabulous Washington Memorial Park). The trailhead had a small parking lot and we were greeted by a collection of signs that laid out the rules of the trail, as well as a map of the area.

The wide dirt and gravel path followed Clear Creek for the most part. Informational signs about the area were spread out along the way. This stretch of trail also had various workout stations that popped up every few minutes. Monkey bars, pull-up stations, and more were located just off the trail as we walked. This was a great place to get in some exercise, whether it be a lot or a little.

Every tenth of a mile a small red wooden marker would track our progress along the trail. We stuck to the main path, but passed by two right hand turns along the way. This was an easy trail to walk, even though there were no signs directing traffic at the intersections.

This path was popular with other people and their dogs. We understood why; it had the hypnotic flowing sound of Clear Creek on one side and the Wyoming countryside leading out to the Big Horn foothills on the other.

At first we stayed on the main trail. From our starting point to the end at the Upper Clear Creek Entrance (off of Upper Clear Creek Road) was just over a mile. There was a lot to stop and sniff along the way, and small rodents darting in and out of the brush surrounding the trail.

During our walk we had passed by two spur trails. The second one (which we were now approaching on the way back) led to the Shiloh Trail, which heads west. We continued past this exit.

But, the girls were having a good time so we decided to take the second spur (which was actually the first one we had passed on the start of our walk). This short path connects to (and ends at) Cedar Street. Here we found another map of the trail as well as parking, and a sign indicating that this was indeed one of the Clear Creek Trail System trail heads. From here it was only 0.6 miles back to our original starting point at the Klondike Entrance.

The Greenbelt Trail is a dog-friendly section of the Clear Creek Trail System (dogs are not permitted on some parts due to animal grazing). There were doggy waste stations, garbage cans, and benches along the way.

The dogs enjoyed looking out over the rushing water of Clear Creek below the path as they walked.

This was a nice easy trek along a well-groomed nature trail. Hidden in Buffalo, this trail is easy to access from Interstate 25 and Highway 16. It has great views of Clear Creek as well as the Big Horn foothills. The dogs enjoyed the many birds and other small animals that flourished in this area.

This was a good place to stretch our legs. Dogs of all ages and sizes could enjoy this undemanding path through the rural Wyoming landscape, and then quickly head back into town or hop on the highway to continue exploring.

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Finally able to log in! I like this trail system. That Maggie..always smiling :)

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