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Skyline Wilderness -Fulton Trailhead

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Just a stone's throw from a bustling Rapid City, South Dakota shopping plaza lies a quiet wilderness park. Follow West Fulton Street to the end and you come upon a small parking lot. There you'll find the Fulton Trailhead. It's also known as the West Dinosaur Trailhead due to the fact it accesses both the Skyline Wilderness Area and Dinosaur Park itself (if one were so inclined).

The dirt trail starts at the bottom of a hill and winds slowly back and forth to the top. Although it is uphill the entire way, it isn't too steep or strenuous. It creeps through the forest while passing interesting rock formations and even the occasional piece of petrified wood. There are several small offshoots and forks along the way, leading off in different directions. We stuck to the main path during our hike. Waiting at the top was a paved scenic overlook.

The lookout terrace at the top is a fantastic spot to rest. There is plenty of room to break for water and treats while taking in the sights of Rapid City below. The retaining wall provided a safe place for the dogs to enjoy views of the city. Maggie was especially interested in overlooking the bustling town.

This was a perfect hike for an autumn morning. The trek back down seemed short and sweet. This is one of Skyline Wilderness Area's less-popular trails, so it makes for a nice quiet walk through the woods. You might, however, spot the occasional mountain biker along the way.

The girls absolutely loved this short hike. It was fun, and a good bit of exercise up and down the hill. They happily strolled along, enthusiastic the entire time.

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