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Rushmore Lions Nature Park

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Located on the far west side of Rapid City, South Dakota, this spot offers a lovely little walk. The Rushmore Lions Nature Park is actually a small loop trail that makes you feel as if you're taking a stroll in the woods (even though you're still on the edge of the city).

This place provides a nice, easy walk on a wide path (perfect if you happen to be walking two dogs together). The gravel trail starts on the far side of Canyon Lake and follows Rapid Creek before making a loop around the nature area.

Located off Chapel Lane, finding the park can be a bit of a challenge, as there are no signs pointing you in the right direction. Keep your eyes open for a parking lot near the Canyon Lake boat ramp. It is easy to miss, which might be one reason this spot is popular with locals but not the tourists. While walking along you are likely to spot several fisher-people, quietly enjoying this little park on the edge of town.

At the back of the loop is a small spur, which leads to a lovely place to sit, sniff, or have a water break.

We love this little walk. It is a bit short, but the girls didn't seem to mind as they were very interested in stopping and smelling everything along the way.

This would be a fantastic walk for a small dog, or even just a person who likes a gentle stroll, as there are plenty of benches along the way to stop and enjoy the beauty of the nature park.

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1 Comment

Such a great spot...perfect trail for a basset! ;)

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